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Now, what calls the mind when you think about having a whimsical wedding? The decoration will always be the first rebuttal. And, with Indian Weddings, the styles of decorations have gone beyond the stereotypical forms. The creative minds in this filed have evolved the idea of wedding decorations in multifold especially when it comes to the varied variety of flowers. Be it the centering of flowers according to the theme or enhancing the tiniest detail with the use of flowers, the wedding decoration ideas have surpassed the traditional decorations. Flowers being the master of versatility can be used with both minimal and extravagant styles of wedding. And, here are few ideas incorporated by keeping in mind the bests styles of wedding decorations with flowers.

The addition of a floral fountain

When it comes to giving the event a romantic feel, nothing can beat the combination of water and flowers. A fountain at the venue decorated with the blend of white and green flowery decoration will be a dreamy scenario to be a spectator of.

The flowery backdrop

The arrangement of flowers from ceiling to the floor coordinated with the theme and hues will act as a great setup to capture the beautiful moments of your wedding ceremonies. The addition of some chic chandeliers to the backdrop will enhance the setup to be top-notch.

The accents at the tables

Incorporating the flowers of different hues with the accents on the dinner table in another amazing idea. Flowers will be a great idea to pair-up with the non-floral accents of the dinner table and the seating arrangements as well. The small bundles of flowers will not only accentuate the table but will also enhance the feel of the wedding, in the entirety.

The floral chandeliers

The upside-down stem ideas using flowers for the chandeliers will them a striking transformation from just being light fixtures to exuberant decorating pieces. So next time when you plan to go for chandeliers at the wedding, go for the additional stem of flowers to make them look a bit extra.

Floral stage décor

The extravagance of a heavily decorated floral stage is exactly what you need to oomph up the ambience of the wedding. Be it the sofa seating or the sumptuous flower arrangements complimenting the entire stage, everything will add the much needed amazing floral touch.

The stunning canopy style

When it comes to explaining the grandeur and extravagance of the idea of forming a canopy style ceiling, one is always at a loss of words. The studded wedding pillars and the floral wines hanging from the ceiling. You can have a garden mimicked with the canopy style arrangement with flowers and it will be just perfect for that outdoor daytime wedding.

Floral Wreaths

The majestic appeal that the floral wreaths have is undefinable. From covering the initials of the couples to making it a point to click pictures, floral wreaths have become a must at weddings these days. Also, it turns out to be a stunning decoration piece in itself and will surely elevate the beauty of your function.